In the series “Crime of Government” R.F. Kadyrov published two books – “Still about Something Outside” and “Russian Without Head”. You can see them on this website. There, the author boldly and frankly talking about what crimes under the aegis of government were going on in the dashing 90’s. At this time, the author was leading Vostok Bank, which was one of the eight largest in Russia and privatization investment fund Vostok, which accumulated vouchers for almost every second family in the Republic of Bashkortostan. They bought shares of the country’s largest enterprises, such as Norilsk Nickel, an aluminum plant in Krasnoyarsk, Gazprom, the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Plant and many others.

Obviously, there were many who wished to bite this tasty morsel. In 1993, through so-called Chechen Remittance advice, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation withdrew many billions of rubles from the bank.

In December 1994, at a special meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Deputy R.F. Kadyrov reported on the Central Bank’s crime against Vostok bank. The deputies were in shock. R.F. Kadyrov was asked to conduct an audit of the bank’s activities with the involvement of an independent foreign company. And in the case of an illegal transfer of money, apply with the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia to institute a criminal case against the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In March 1995, at a second meeting, to hear R.F. Kadyrov with a report on the auditing.

Here it is necessary to recall that in 1993 the elections of the President of Bashkortostan took place, in which R. F. Kadyrov together with M. G. Rakhimov participated. After numerous frauds in the election results, M. G. Rakhimov had won. Using the techniques of the eastern khans, it was necessary to destroy the enemy. The prosecutor’s office of Bashkortostan Republic filed a criminal case against the head of the bank, without waiting for March and the results of the audit. There was a raider seizure of Vostok bank and privatization investment fund Vostok, the removal of R. F. Kadyrov as the head.

In January, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs took all the documentation from Vostok bank. In Dyurtyuli, at the sahreholders’ meeting of privatization investment fund Vostok, more than a hundred police officers entered the hall during Kadyrov’s speech, seized him from the rostrum and then he was taken out of the hall.

25 years have passed by, but the pain from the illegal destruction of Vostok bank and privatization investment fund Vostok does not cease. Thousands of depositors and shareholders of the privatization investment fund Vostok were injured. How many files, law suits, appeals to the investigative bodies, to the Prosecutor’s Office of Russia and the Republic of Bashkortostan, to the President of Russia and Bashkortostan, to the State Duma and the Federation Council were sent, you can see, after reading about this in the book “Russian Without Head.” Work in this direction continues. After the letter to the Investigative Committee was submitted finally the permission to get acquainted with the case materials was issued. We publish them below.

A watchful reader will find in them many interesting legal discrepancies.