It’s been 1095 days since I wrote these words. What have we managed to change in the society in the Republic of Bashkortostan?
Those people, who worked with me in Vostok bank, psychologically, had forgiven themselves. They removed the pain that arises in honest, respectable people, when they are not of their own free will, but as employees of any company, are involved in a bad story. At that time they could not change anything in the surrounding world of governmental thieves, but until the last day, silently, with clenched teeth carried out their work. With huge gratitute, thanks to all of them, due to their devotion, today we will be able to restore justice and return everything what have been stolen from all of us.
Personally, on the Internet, where I had several thousands of “Internet Friends”, they stopped calling me “The Thief”, as it was in the first weeks of these 1,095 days. This was especially true for some journalists working on Bashkir television and in several republican newspapers. By inertia, the guys were working off and fulfilluing those earned income, when in the rebublic, for smearing me, they were paid good money according to local standards, and some of them, probably, at that time believed that the federal mass media writing and telling the truth. This was misleading. Suddenly, unexpectedly, out of nowhere, the first high-profile case of Bashneft appeared, and so my only rival on the ground, Murtaza was loudly called in society “The Thief” with the additional censored words. The law of our universe is like this, all your actions come back at you. His and his team’s actions began slowly return to them when they organized the theft and robbery of the people of Bashkortostan.
Our lawyers, without any haste, following the procedures of Russian bureaucratic system law enforcement, carried out all the work that was necessary in order to begin the legal proceedings of Vostok Bank claims. All of our 18 appeals to various authorities, that needed to be completed, ended in reciprocal decisions that, yes, crimes against you have been committed and we believe that you need to apply to the appropriate judicial authorities for compensation and guilt determination of the Heads of Bashkortostan Republic and Russian Central Bank. But the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee of Russia are still busy with correspondence, their letters show how much they don’t want to do it and how much work they will have to accomplish. Moreover, they do not need to initiate any new proceedings.
Bank Vostok, since the first days of Russian Central Bank’s crimes using the so-called “Chechen Remittance advice”, filed against the Central Bank of Russia 5 criminal cases that are not closed to this day. And against Vostok Bank in the republic, due to Murtaza’s efforts, a case had been initiated, with which, during many years, more than 22 investigators have been working. However, they could not find a single ruble stolen by the bank’s employees, but found the crimes committed against Vostok bank by the Central Bank of Russia, its branch in Bashkortostan, and back-then by Murtaza’s “pocket bank” (if anyone still remembers Bashkreditbank, which later became Uralsib). And of course, as well, for 20 years now this case can not be closed. Creating by thus, not on their own will, Vostok’s immunity to the statute of limitations before the people. Therefore, “Dear” General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia and “Dear” Investigative Committee of Russia are forced to buy and waste time in the hope that perhaps, everything will dissolve by itself. But it seems to me they are wrong, more than one million families in the Republic of Bashkortostan probably will never agree to donate to thieves, each, about 1 million dollars by the RTS index from their family budget. Maybe, of course, our calculations are inaccurate, and the courts of the Russian Federation will do a better job. In case they will get confused in their calculations, the people will ask to find more experienced specialists from international courts. Time for the people is not limited, stock indices and interest rates with fluctuations usually grow, people can afford not to hurry.

The question is, why the judicial procedures didn’t begin then?
The answer is dictated by two popular proverbs known in Russia: “Do not fight with a strong man, do not judge a rich man”. The second “The judge – same as carpenter: what he wants, he cuts out.” There is a clue in these proverbs to what we should do next. We must first become stronger and richer before hastily approaching the Carpenter. The material is very expensive, and it for us all, the people of the republic, is unique. If the “Carpenter” will be drugged by someone and/or something and cuts out of it so that does not suit us, it will be hard to correct his deliberate criminal actions against people in higher authorities. This will take even more time. How do people become strong? Slowly, through elections, remove from power those who are interested in this case “Thieves from government”. Learn to control the governmental actions. How to become richer than your opponents: first is to make them poorer by lawful actions, such as Bashneft, and to work and earn money by ourselves. What and while we are doing, but we will fulfill our task, we will force to return all what been stolen from the people of Bashkortostan republic, return in full and with interest. Today is what I’m sure of.
Rafis Kadyrov, June 20th, 2015